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My husband is an avid golfer and introduced me to the game several years ago. Skeptical at first, I now enjoy a round (or two, on a good day) of 18 holes. Whenever and wherever we play, we find ourselves looking at the gorgeous homes right by the fairway, or situated comfortably behind the green... read more

The Superhero Method @CBBainSeal We shouldn't say the sky's the limit. We've put men on the moon.
CB Bain Seal Time's a-wastin: Why you should buy a home sooner rather than later #RealEstate
CB Bain Seal Straight from the customer: See what our clients have to say #Transparency #Reviews #CBBainSeal
CB Bain Seal You did it, you won the bidding war! Keep your prized home in shape #Home #Maintenance
CB Bain Seal The good life in Lake Oswego, 15 minutes from Portland #GreatPlace #LakeOswego
CB Bain Seal Save it for later: Facebook rolling out 'save' feature by @allfacebook #Facebook #Save
CB Bain Seal Find your perfect Pacific Northwest neighborhood #CitySkinny #CBBainSeal
CB Bain Seal Digging for change: How much does it really cost to buy a home? #RealEstate #Buy
CB Bain Seal Living on the golf course? Don't forget the insurance! by @charlytate #Luxury #Living #Golf
ayuandini. @CBBainSeal Hey this chick on KIK wants to chat with you ;) her username is fanniescorp3124
CB Bain Seal Home doesn't need to be new to be your perfect place #Home #NewVsOld
CB Bain Seal Stop the leaks! Keep your retirement safe. #Retire #Finance
CB Bain Seal French breakfast and an evening at the theater? Yes, please! #GreatPlace #LakeOswego
Jason Moon RT @CBBainSeal: Fore! Get the facts before buying that golf property" target="_blank"> by @charlytate #Luxury #Living #Golf http://t.c
CB Bain Seal Fore! Get the facts before buying that golf property by @charlytate #Luxury #Living #Golf
CB Bain Seal Bigger is really better? Why a $118.5 million apartment is an easier sell than an $11 million one #Sell
CB Bain Seal Get covered: The best homeowners' insurance #RealEstate #Insurance
CB Bain Seal CB Bain | Seal Team Spotlight is out! Stories via @360modern
CB Bain Seal Did you forget something? Consequences of missing a mortgage payment by @creditcom #Mortgage
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The friendly, active community of Vancouver WA is the perfect place to relax and call home.
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